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  • The Future of Finance: Embracing AI in Financial Services

    Introduction Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming many industries. While early, it shows tremendous potential for innovation & efficiency. From enhancing customer service to automating complex processes, AI is becoming an integral part of experimentation, and modern finance isn’t behind. This blog delves into the various applications of AI in finance, the challenges it presents, and […]

  • JioFin & BlackRock JV – disruption whose time has come

    BlackRock and JioFin has featured so many times in discussions with my friends from the industry that when they announced JV, my friends asked if I knew this ahead of time and what’s my view on this JV. Truth be told, I didn’t know this ahead of time. I have told my friends many times […]

  • Corporate Diary: Unpacking the Value of a VUCA Upbringing

    For much of my teenage years, I believed that growing up in India was a disadvantage. This perspective shifted after spending several years working in the USA, where I noticed distinct skills exhibited by immigrants, particularly those from challenging environments like India. While hard work and ambition are key, I also observed a unique pattern […]

  • Interview from Business Connect: 20 Most Promising Startups to Watch – 2023

    Magazine Link: InfinityPool Finnotech Private Limited Where wealth management becomes handy with tech inclusivity… The hype is all about startups and their respective promises. Shoving the needle in their targeted markets, several entrepreneurial ventures are able to create value to the people from different walks of life. InfinityPool Finnotech Private Limited is one such […]

  • Corporate Diary: What can women do to thrive in corporates

    It’s about time women get the recognition they deserve on the corporate ladder. It’s important to acknowledge that women are just as capable as men are, maybe more in some instances. Some studies suggest they are better leaders 1, 2. However, we can’t deny the fact that their proportions in senior roles is less than […]

  • Corporate Diary: Management begins on Day1

    Do you believe that managing people only involves overseeing a large number of employees who report to you? As some of you may already know, this is a common misconception. In today’s knowledge-based industries, effective people management involves leading and collaborating with colleagues at all levels of the organization. However, some employees may not be […]

  • Corporate Diary: Be the change catalyst

    “Don’t be a product of your environment, make your environment a product of you”. I heard this quote first in the movie ‘The Departed’. At the beginning of my career, I believed this was not achievable for junior employees. However, I soon discovered that I was wrong and was able to improve my environment within […]

  • Corporate Diary: Rise of the versatilist

    “पहले इंजीनियरिंग की , उसके बाद एमबीए किया , उसके बाद अमेरिका जाके बँक में  नौकरी कर रहा है , अगर बँक में नौकरी करनी थी तो इंजीनियरिंग कायके लिये किया ?” (For my non-hindi readers, meaning: First they studied engineering, then MBA, and then they worked for a bank in America. If they wanted […]

  • Why Invest In India

    Change is the only constant and with the recent pandemic having thrown our lives out of gear, the impact on different industries in India has been varied, but what is constant is that India’s growth story is not going to lose its charm any time soon: rather it has all the makings of magnum opus. […]

  • Corporate Diary: Power of right questions

    Questions are powerful because they create change. Giving out facts and information is helpful, but questions inspire innovation, create transformation and result in true change. A lot of fresh graduates, mid-level managers ask me how I climbed the corporate ladder so fast, and what can they do to succeed? While luck plays some role, there […]

  • Numis What Again?

    “Is this a real Shivrai coin?”, my grandfather smiled as a 13-year-old me asked him about this irregular piece of copper which had a rather gibberish script. During one of the annual Diwali cleanups, I was helping my grandfather(dadaji) to clean his room when I came across a very big heavy pouch with tons of […]

  • Life is a Marathon

    Sitting outside on my balcony, looking at the Bank of America Chicago Marathon every year, I always fancied running in one. As years passed by, I kept busy with my growing family, exploring career options along with my procrastination reading hobbies! One of those years, walking on the streets of downtown, enjoying Chicago summer, my […]