I am Akshay Kunkulol – founder and CEO at InfinityPool Finnotech, better known by its Wealth Management product The Shankh. This is my personal homepage.

When I was born in a small town in India, my grandfather said, “He will become a diamond merchant.” He decided my career right then. Much to his disappointment, I pursued Computer Science Engineering to fulfill my strong passion for technology. I could have made a living as a local trader, like the previous four generations in my family, but chose to work for a corporation and explore the world instead. I have worked in India, Japan, and the US so Namaste, Hello, Hola, and Konnichiwa my friends.

Fast forward a few years in finance technology, I was a Vice President at Merrill Lynch and worked in a division that built software and analytics for the bank’s Global Markets business. I led technology execution team for one of the most important trading platforms of the bank. My interest in the domain, curiosity about executives and proximity to world’s two best business schools led me pursuing MBA from Chicago Booth. Almost all of my experience has been in financial domain working for different banks like UBS, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Deutsche Bank and The Options Clearing Corporation.

at Chicago Booth graduation with family
with professor Raghuram Rajan

At Infinity Pool, we build products with new innovative approaches to Wealth Management using highly advanced Artificial Intelligence based digital platform. The vision and intent is to advance India’s AI capabilities, democratize wealth-generating financial products and to educate users with financial literacy along the way. As India becomes 30-45 trillion dollars economy by 2047, we would like everyone to have piece of that pie.

I wear different hats at Infinity Pool like Technologist, Trader, Investor, Author, and Speaker. Apart from work, I like cooking (acquired taste) and trying out different cuisines. I like painting and would love to hone that further. I am learning Tabla while my wife Kintu learns Guitar, my daughter Anika learns Keyboard and my son Ridhan learns classical vocals. I dream of jamming with my family. I am a Marathoner, Numismatist and Philanthropist.

at the Bank of America Chicago Marathon 2019

Here I write about technology, finance, corporate life learnings and well – some of my hobbies.

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